Taking a look back at the pop-country queen’s incredible career in honour of her 50th birthday.

To celebrate Shania Twain’s 50th birthday, BreatheHeavy is giving you a crash-course on the epic-ness that is Shania’s career.

1. She did country-pop before it was a thing.
Back in 1997, Shania became a pioneer in the country world when she released “Come on Over”, an album that combined pop and country, and went on to become a huge crossover success. While it is now commonplace for artists to mix genres, at the time, it was pretty innovative. She released hit songs like “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” and “Up!”, that transcended the boundaries of country music and paved the way for artists like Taylor Swift to combine genres so successfully.

2. She sold a ton of albums.
Come On Over, her third studio album released in 1997, sold more than 40 million copies worldwide, and is still to this day the best-selling studio album by a female act and the best-selling country album of all time. Bow down.

3. She’s a fighter.
Shania took a break from the music scene back in 2004, after many gruelling years of recording and touring. During her hiatus, she went through a very public divorce from her long-time producer and co-writer Mutt Lange. The “I’m Gonna Getcha Good” singer was then diagnosed with dysphonia, a condition that affects the vocal cords and interfered with her ability to sing. Shania later revealed in her 2011 OWN docu-series “Why Not with Shania Twain” that she wasn’t sure if she would ever be able to perform live again. Plagued by fears of never singing again, the Grammy winner┬áset out to recover her voice, enlisting the help of doctors, therapists and vocal coaches. Not only did Shania get her voice back, she went on to perform an incredibly successful two-year residency at Caesar’s Palace, marking one of the most impressive comebacks in music history.

4. She’s a midriff-baring pioneer.
Think Britney was the first to expose her bellybutton? Think again! Shania wore countless midriff-baring outfits throughout the years, at a time when it wasn’t super common to do so, especially not among country singers. Oh and she also looked amazing doing so.

5. She’s still got it.
Over 20 years into her incredible career, the Canadian superstar is still killing it. When her residency ended in December 2014, Shania announced that she would be embarking on a farewell North American tour, her first in 11 years. The “Rock This Country Tour”, which kicked off in June, is selling out arenas left and right and has already grossed $40 million, according to Billboard. She has been killing it night after night, looking and sounding better than ever.


Despite this being her last tour, Twain announced that she is not retiring from music and that she plans on releasing an album before her 51st birthday. I personally cannot wait to see what Shania has in store for us next!

What are some of your favorite Shania moments? Sound off in the comments!