23 years ago exactly a certain Lynne Spears birthed a baby named Britney Spears, who had a long and eventful future added to her destiny. A cheerful Britney grew up to be a beautiful gymnast and soon to be dancer. Britney’s determination for the top didnt stop at gymnastics, she took up dancing lessons and then progressed to performing at BBQ’s and school productions, Britney however, hadnt yet discovered her true talent. A few years later and Britney graced United States national television to appear on “Star Search”. Britney had won the first show she appeared on, but was sadly defeated in the second, for Britney however this certainly wasnt the last time she would appear nationally on T.V. Reportedly whilst driving to her fathers gym, Britneys mother Lynne comented on Britneys amazong vocal, abilitys. This maybe the very spark of her worldwide **********.

Britney later seaked the addvice from a family solicitor and was redirected to a professional child star rep. Britney was then cast in a off broadway production called “Ruthless” however as soon as christmas came the show was begining to take its toll on the already split family. Britney returned home and gave her return to New York a miss. Britney took her new found spare time and focussed on her school education, and social life, catching up on all things girlie. Britney’s feet soon began to twitch and her voice box being wasted.

Britney took an audition to co-host Disney Channels “Mickey Mouse Club”, she was too young and had to once again had to return home for another year. As soon as autitions started for the Mickey Mouse Club the following year, Britney had convinced her parents to take her. This time, Britney amazed the auditioners and was given a place on the cast. Britney dazzled the stage along with Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake. Britneys span at the “Mickey Mouse Club” was ended early as the show was cancelled.

Britney was soon ready for the spotlight and travelled once again to New York to audition for 6 record companys, that last of which, JiveRecords imediately signed her up. After flying to Sweeden to help write some tracks for her album, Britney was ready to start recording her international superhit Baby One More time. Ask anyone from that ages of 7 to 60 to sing you a verse of Baby, and they will not only sing a whole verse, but the whole song. Britneys raunchy video for Baby was an imediate success and launched Britneys career into super drive. “Baby One More Time” the album, was released in the spring of 1998 and become a number 1 smash hit. Selling a ok 144,000 records in its first week, but selling a overall 24,000,000 records in 6 years. Britney had a string of hits ranging from “Crazy” to “From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart”.

Britney’s second number one album was launched in 2000 along with breast inhancement speculations. “Oops I Did It Again” went on to sell a massive 20,000,000 in 4 years. Britneys single of the same name also went on to become number 1 in the U.K and the U.S. Britneys singles from this album include, the amazing Stronger, Lucky and Dont Let Me Be The Last To Know.

Britney was ready for a change, and she decided to try her chances at the big screen. In 2000 Britney shot her first motion picture “Crossroads”. The film was a critical disastar but went on to make a profit of $467,000,000 at the box office. The film was a mega success for Britney

The VMA awards of 2001, certified her transition from Candy-Floss to Leather. Britney performed with a snake around her neck chanting blissfully the words of her brand new song ” Im A Slave 4 U”. Britneys new self titled album was released in the November of 2001 selling approximately 10,000,000 records to date. Britneys record of the most consecutive number 1 debuts from a female artist was still in her name! Britney released the overpowering “Overprotected” letting people aware that Britney is Britney, and that Britney needs to be Britney. Her next single from her album “Im Not A Girl (Not Yet A Woman)” alowed Britney to blossom into herself. However now claiming that her much needed break was coming soon had to be knocked out of the way when her ultimate groove song “Boys” hit the streets, airwaves, and television screens, “Boys” was a success with a video staring Pharrel Williams and Mike Mires. Britney shadowed for a while before coming back with her covered hit “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” even though some claimed this song is by far not her best, the video is definately highly ranked in my books. With Britney writhing around a red room, stomack in, *** out. Britney didnt stop there, she hit a Harley Davidson and showed her full *** appeal, Britney crawled the floor and licked up what only can be identified as fuel.

Britney sat down and thought, her decision was final. She was on a break, originally planned as 6 months, fans waited for her return. With even more paparazzi surrounding her every move Britney decided enough was enough and got straight to work on her 4th album. With Britney hard in the recording studio and P.R organising the biggest promotional tour from a single artist it was almost possitive Britneys new album was going to be a success.

Britney was in rehersals for her mega amazing 2003 VMA’s – infamous Britney/Madonna kiss – she played Madonna the track “Me Against The Music”, and Madonna loved it. She insisted on being on the track and next thing you know there snogging and making a music video. “Me Against The Music” was a massive hit and almost reached number 1 in the UK. Britney however was in to give her fans the shock of the century by offering her hand in marriage for the first time in the year. 2004 had only had 3 days to its name and Britney had already married Jason Alexander. Britneys 17th music video for her next single “Toxic” was shot and ready for release. And by the end of January Toxic had premiered on TRL UK and TRL US. And was already a booming sucess. By the time of its release UK fans were ready to give her a massive cheer up by making the single go to number one, and selling more than 46,000 copies in its first week made it one of the years best sellers. Another hit was soon to come with “Everytime”. The video caused controversy with the reported suicide scene, which was later cut due to obvious reasons. The single was a song of sorry words to former lover Justin Timberlake. Britneys Onyx Hotel World Tour was on a break and soon to starts its summer leg of the tour. Britney was recording her new video for “Outrageous” when disaster struck. Britney collapsed on the floor with a knee problem. The problem caused Britney to cancel her tour, the video and any future plans! Hoowever with Britney recuperating she was soon to release her 5th album to date. The greatest hits compilation was released this November and was a huge worldwide sucess. Britneys single and ultra raunchy video “My Prerogative” showed her new found independence and indiviuality, whilst also saying p*ss of to the press. Britney called it a day after going non stop for 6 years, in a bussiness that usually cripals all after 6 months. Britney is a massive sucess worldwide and is the biggest celebrity and musical talent on this earth.

Today December 2nd 2004 is Britney Jean Spears 23rd Birthday. EVERYONE at Breatheheavy.com wish Britney long health, a extremely happy future and a long line of cutie kids with any luck. Also if rumors are true, a tour next year, Do Somethin video, and alot lot more! WE WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WE ARE THERE IN SPIRIT (hehe) AND DONT PARTY TO MUCH WITHOUT US………….

Also veiwers of the site. To celebrate Britneys life and career we are adding LOADS of media, look out for it, and there are going to be loads of suprises!!!!!!!! We would like to thank you for veiwing our site! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITNEY

All writen by Tom Cheek!

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