Love never falters.

Love never falters.

Halsey’s forthcoming album hopeless fountain kingdom features collaborations from Greg Kurstin (Adele, Sia), Benny Blanco (Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran) and Ricky Reed (Twenty One Pilots) and centers around a “pair of lovers in a limbo-like realm that connects to the futuristic setting of the previous album.” The first single titled “Now Or Never” from the LP drops today, along with a cinematic six-minute music video.

“I don’t wanna fight right now / know you’re always right,” Halsey sings over a subtle beat and low-key cinematic production. “Now I know I need you round with me, but nobody but will allow me. Been through the ups and the downs with me. Gotta whole lotta love, but you don’t wanna spend it round with me.”

In the video, Halsey defends a pure love, but it comes at a cost: her freedom. After an eerie psychic reading, the singer is involved in an epic shoot-out. She flees on a motorcycle before chopping off her hair – a clear indicator there’s unfinished business and that a part II is on the way.

“The video for ‘Now Or Never’ (my directorial debut!) is one part in the center of a long narrative that tells the story of two people in love despite the forces trying to keep them apart,” said Halsey. “On its own the song is about two impatient young lovers, but in the context of the hopeless fountain kingdom universe, the stakes are much higher for these two star-crossed lovers.”


The song and record are a stream of consciousness for Halsey, who admits: “I’m a purger,” she says. “I bottle everything up and purge it all out of me. That’s why I write so quickly. It’s like I’m vomiting months of psychoanalysis.”

She adds: “The whole reason you make a record is to figure stuff out about yourself.” That’s where her obsession with Romeo and Juliet comes into play. “I had killed off a version of myself just so we could make our love work,” she said. “Sometimes you’re in a relationship for so long and you become a different person. You lose yourself because you change for that person.” In the end, she says, “I put the seal on that relationship and fully purged myself of the feelings for that person at the same time as I finished my record.”

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