Watch Halsey’s latest ‘Badlands’ music video.


There’s a huge plot twist on Halsey’s “Colors” music video.

We suggest you scroll to the bottom and watch first.

Earlier today, Halsey called out fans trolling her on Twitter outside of her BBC Radio 1 appearance, but she’s had a few hours since the moment to refocus back on the music. Following “Ghost” and “New Americana” is the latest Badlands visual for the electro-pop, Dylan William-produced “Colors.”

“[Blue is] just my creative color,” Halsey told Complex in a previous interview about the song’s meaning. “It’s like so many things at once. It’s electric, and it’s bright, but it’s also calm. It’s also ethereal. Blue is just an otherworldly color to me. Blue is the sky. Blue is the sea. Blue for me represents the unexplored territory.”

In the “Colors” vid, Halsey plays a cheerleader with a school-girl crush on the clip’s co-star, the letterman-jacket-wearing jock Tyler Posey. So you think… turns out, Halsey has her sights set on someone else the entire time. How blue of her. Watch below:



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