Halsey Yells At Her Fans Outside BBC Radio 1

Halsey is upset fans were blasting her on Twitter for snubbing them on the way inside her appearance.


Halsey calls out her fans for bullying her online in real-time.

Halsey is getting used to the whole fame thing, and clearly doesn’t understand Internet trolling from the anonymous is part of it. It’s almost a rite of passage, and no matter how many campaigns or essays rollout, it will (most likely) always remain a prevalent part of stardom in the digital age.

Immediately following her interview outside the BBC Radio 1 building on Thursday (Feb. 25), the Badlands singer walked outside to address fans’ remarks she snubbed them on the way in.

“I’m getting a lot of really rude messages right now from people saying that I’m ****** up and that I swerved you and I’m being rude and I’m being mean,” she told the crowd of eager fans. “Not for nothing, but I’ve been in press since 8 o’clock in the morning. I have a whole day of interviews to do. I’m still doing them. I would never just walk by you and not meet you. To abuse me like that online is kind of ****** up. I have a lot more interviews to do and I promise I’m going to meet people. But please don’t be mean to me. I have a very busy day too, okay? It really makes me upset. Please don’t be mean to me.”

On the one hand, we applaud Halsey for standing up for herself, but it’s a golf clap. What her tone implies is she dreads interviews, is busier than everyone else and cares a little too much what strangers think of her. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Bottom line: don’t yell at your fans.

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