Pop hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Yooo Halsey took a left turn from the style of music she typically releases, you know… the EDM-laced club bops with more often than not a male feature, but she snapped. Instead, Halsey put on her lab coat and concocted a hybrid of pop and rock with a dash of go-****-a-duck and created something really special with her new song, “Nightmare.”

On it, Halsey sings about the taste of blood (a metaphor?), resurgence and body image issues. She covers a range of topics in a fury as a stuttering beat clamors before she breaks into the fiery chorus.

I’ve tasted blood and it is sweet
I’ve had the rug pulled beneath my feet
I’ve trusted lies and trusted men
Broke down and put myself back together again
Stared in the mirror and punched it to shatters
Collected the pieces and picked out a dagger
I’ve pinched my skin in between my two fingers
And wished I could cut some parts off with some scissors

The video is also one serve after the next. She’s a ********** trapped in a laser-lit mirrored room, a pin-up, a gender-bending rebel, a femme fatale caught in a crimson web and a school girl.

“Nightmare” is an anthem for women who are fed up with society forcing them into a box. “I’m tired and angry, but somebody should be,” she says. Same, Halsey. Same.

Check it out below:

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