A bop.

Hailee Steinfeld’s new star-studded song “Let Me Go” is a bop.

It felt like the music industry was forcing ~Pop Princess Hailee Steinfeld~ down our throats, and it wasn’t working. That didn’t shake the 20-year-old. In the time since releasing 2015’s Haiz EP, Hailee has recorded some legitimately great pop gems, and she’s back with another. It’s titled “Let Me Go” and features producer Alesso, Florida Georgia Line and singer-songwriter watt.

I was skeptical at first – usually songs with so many artists attached to it fail miserably because it’s a free-for-all – but Hailee gives them each a moment to shine. Alesso injects an exotic breakdown, FGL assists with the pre-chorus and watt is there to keep things moving.

The track isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s anthemic and really fun to sing along to. And in a world where Trump is President and natural disasters are a dime a dozen, we need guilty pleasures like this to distract us.


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