Hear new songs from her upcoming EP.


Ahead of her EP release this Friday (Nov. 13), Hailee Steinfeld is sharing previews of each song.

The 18-year-old is transitioning from acting to music right now because she feels it will give people an opportunity to get to know her personally. Her new EP features

“[In acting,] I choose a character that I love and identify with and I hope that there’s something in there that someone can relate to,” she tells EW. “But with music, [it’s] putting my own name on my own story.”

She adds, “There’s always the moment before you put something out into the world that’s like, “Could this be bad?” But with [my single] “Love Myself,” there was very little question as to whether this should be anything but the first single. I wanted something that had an incredibly strong message and that meant something to me.

Listen to the preview below:

“Haiz” is a name that my fans have called me for a reasonably long time now,” Steinfeld says in an interview with Vogue. “And I really felt that if I called this EP Haiz, it would feel as though they named it. Mainly because—off of just “Love Myself,” off of just one single—seeing how many people that song connected me with, and how many people it brought on board, and how many people now show interest in what I have coming, I really wanted this to be a sort of thank you, in a way. I really wanted them to feel as though they named this EP for me.”

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