Love ***** when you’re 19. Just ask Hailee Steinfeld.


Hailee Steinfeld keeps on coming back for more.

Steinfeld teams up with DNCE, specifically Joe Jonas, for the remix of her new song “Rock Bottom” off 2015’s Haiz EP. Her latest video shows the highs and lows of young love and never knowing when enough is enough. Steinfeld can relate. She tells People the on-again off-again love battle happens to her “in every damn relationship.”

“I’ve experienced that relationship in its entirety. I do feel like there are some songs that really represent a relationship for a relationship, and then when you hear it, you think about that specific relationship, and I have that when I hear ‘Rock Bottom.'”

On the collaboration, Steinfeld says she and Joe were “working with the same team of writers and producers around the same time as we were working on our EPs, and we would see each other when one of us was leaving. I guess he heard ‘Rock Bottom’ in passing and cut a verse on it, and it turned out to be the best thing that happened to the song,” she says. “It felt like it there was a real story told between two people, and that’s exactly what I saw when I would hear this song.”

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