Get ready for “Make Me Like You”.


Gwen Stefani’s coming back in a big way.

Last night she revealed the tracklist and artwork of her long-awaited third solo album and now she’s gearing up for her new single’s special debut at the Grammy’s.

While she’s not performing, the music video for “Make Me Like You” will be filmed live next Monday (Feb. 15) during a Grammy’s commercial break, which will be the first time we hear the song.

Last winter’s break-up ballad “Used To Love You” – her best song in years – showcased a raw, intimate side of Gwen that we hadn’t seen since her second LP in 2006.

We’re expecting more tearjerkers on the album as it documents her life mid-divorce but hopefully the new single will be an upbeat reminder to the world of Gwen Stefani’s musical versatility.

Speaking with Zane Lowe, the singer said ““We were losing our minds. It was called “Make Me Like You” and we couldn’t believe it. Like how did we write this song? It’s so good!”

“Make Me Like You” will likely be released following its debut, while the album “This Is What The Truth Feels Like” is scheduled for March 18.

Are you excited for Gwen’s comeback?