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Gwen Stefani Recalls Prince Recording Session, Says She’s Not A Good Singer

Gwen Stefani dropped by the Howard Stern show to tell some truths, and a lie.


Gwen Stefani dropped by the Howard Stern show to tell some truths, and a lie.

Stefani recently embarked on the This Is What The Truth Feels Like Tour, which is unfortunately underselling, but the “Don’t Speak” singer didn’t mention it during her sit-down with Stern. Instead, she opened up about the dissolution of her relationship with ex-husband and lead singer of Bush, Gavin Rossdale, meeting Blake Shelton, and oh yeah, recording with Prince at his studio inside Paisley Park.

Stefani mentions sending Prince a demo of a song titled “Waiting Room,” then received word the late singer decided to re-write it.

“I went in the booth and I did not come out for like eight hours (I’d be like, ‘can I get a water?). He would be sitting at the desk and he just literally… one harmony after another – he would just feed it to me and I’d have to spit it back out.”

Then the pop star admits she was “scared,” then adds “I’m not even that good of a singer.”

Stern disagrees – he believes it’s her songs that are hard to sing.

“Technically, as a singer I have my style or whatever, but it’s not like I have a big range. I can sing in tune and hear notes, but he’s like a genius.”

Yet, Gwen is responsible for some of the dopest pop songs in the last 10 years.


If that sparked your fiya, here’s a few ore soundbites from that same interview:

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