Listen to Gwen’s upbeat new song off her upcoming album “This Is What the Truth Feels Like.”


Gwen Stefani’s new song “Make Me Like You” is a bop!

Stefani’s forthcoming record This Is What the Truth Feels Like is getting off to a great start. Her lead single, the emotional ballad “I Used To Love You,” connected with fans after promoting several Pharrell-produced duds in 2015. She picks up the pace with her latest release – the Da Robin and Matt Man-produced “Make Me Like You.”

In the disco-inspired tune, Gwen sings, “Why’d you have to go and make me like you?/I’m so mad at you cause now you got me missing you.”

Stefani will act out, film and record the song’s music video live during a commercial break at the Grammys on Monday. Until then, enjoy the audio premiere:

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