Gwen is ready to air her dirty laundry in her next music video.


Gwen Stefani will reportedly put Gavin Rossdale on blast in her next This Is What The Truth Feels Like music video.

Gwen Stefani’s next official single off her recent LP is reportedly “Misery,” and she’s about to air her dirty laundry with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale in the song’s upcoming music video.

According to a casting call via PopSugar, the visual will be directed by Sophie Muller, who worked with Gwen on the music videos for her recent singles “Used to Love You” and “Make Me Like You.” The clip is described as “a very stylized music video / short . . . shot with a very 1950’s melodrama sensibility.”

The video centers around three characters; Trudy, a stylish mother (Gwen); Troy, who is described as a good-looking womanizer (Gavin); and an attractive young woman as Nanny.

It was widely reported Gwen and Gavin’s marriage went up in flames after she discovered his alleged years-long affair with the couple’s nanny, Mindy Mann.

Fortunately since her tumultuous breakup with Gavin, Gwen sparked a newfound love with country star Blake Shelton, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t occasionally haunted from her heartbreaking past.

“I don’t have any secrets; I don’t have anything to hide,” Gwen said earlier this year. “I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m happy to share my story. [This] is really the only record I’ve written that’s mostly happy; all the others are about heartbreak. And there’s some of that on here—it needed that, to make the rest feel as good as it feels.

Gwen added she “easily could have died, and I wanted to” after the separation, but something told her to channel her grief into optimism. Let’s see how inspired she gets in the upcoming video, shall we?

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