Gwen Stefani Is Prepping A Solo Tour For 2015

Ready or not … here comes Gwen!

Start saving up them coins! Industry management heavyweight Irving Azoff sat down with HITS Daily Double and confirmed that Gwen Stefani will take her solo comeback to the road later this year.

During chatter about box score figures for some of his clients like Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles (Ugh, the freaking Eagles), Azoff revealed that his team is “currently putting together a Gwen Stefani tour.” We know absolutely nothing else about this trek, but confirmation that Gwen is going to take her lighter and spark the firaaa in venues across the country is enough to get us pumped.

What we DO know, is Gwen’s released only a few singles from her upcoming album, including “Baby Don’t Lie,” and “Spark The Fire.” Both songs are alright, but they failed to really grab you by the nips like most her music does. Instead, she plays it safe with Pharrell Williams, who she credits inspired her to get back into the studio. Perhaps Gwenny Gwen Gwen should find inspiration elsewhere, because the songs haven’t made any real impact in music yet. There’s a lot of cool effects in her videos though(?). We also know Gwen’s teaming up with Charli XCX. Here’s to hoping that collabo is nothing like the “Doing It” fiasco with Rita Ora.

Benny Blanco & Ryan Tedder also lend their talents to the record.

Gwen Stefani Is Prepping A Solo Tour For 2015

Azoff’s reveal got us at BreatheHeavy thinking about what songs we’d like to see her perform on the big stage.

1. “Yummy” f/ Pharrell – Let’s face it, Gwen needs to remind the general public that she is the original caucasian Rap Goddess — not Iggy Azalea. Gwen’s flow on “Yummy” is so so so so so so perfect and just oozes with sexual confidence. The production is simple yet brilliant due to Pharrell’s use of drums, which I’m sure would have a crowd bopping.

2. “What You Waiting For?” – This flawless Pop jam hasn’t been performed in a decade, and I think it’s time for that to change. This gem is a clear fan favorite, and it would be a totally wrong move to seclude it from being performed. Just imagine Gwen coming down on a gigantic piano while singing the slow intro… then BAM! You get hit with the catchy “tick-tocks”. It would be the perfect opener to the show!

3. “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” f/ Eve – Gwen’s hook on this classic is… well, classic. It is too good not to be performed. Gwen should just bring Eve on tour just so they can perform this song together. #Justice4Eve

Would you see Gwen Stefani on tour? Participate in the poll, and baby don’t baby don’t baby don’t lie:

PS – Azoff also confirmed Xtina is “getting ready,” but you know how she usually operates… #justsayin

This story was a team effort by James, Nick and Jordan. So yay!