Under fiya.

Gwen Stefani is under fiya for supposedly stealing lyrics for 2014’s “Spark The Fire.”

A new report from TMZ claims rocker-turned-hairstylist Richard Morrill is suing her and the track’s co-writer, Pharrell Williams, for copying lyrics from a song he originally wrote and shared with Gwen back in 1998 when he was coloring her hair.

Morrill belonged to a group called L.A.P.D. and they recorded a track called, “Who’s Got My Lighter?,” which features the lyrics “Who’s got my lightah? Who got the fire?”

Stefani’s song goes: “Who got the lighter, let’s spark the fire.”

He also claims Gwen admits that Pharrell wrote most of the song, and her only contribution was the “spark the fire” lines.

He wants a cut of the $25 million he believes she’s made off the track.

There are so many thoughts running through my head all at once. (1) The song is complete garbage and no one in their right mind should want to take ownership of it. (2) Why did it take two years to come to light? (3) It definitely did not rake in $25 million and (4) Does Pharrell have to be involved in literally every copyright lawsuit in music?

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