Just GUESS. Britney is at Millennium rehearsing right now!

3:12 PM

ps – several sources are reporting this, so I will comment. I got this email as well (from a hushmail.com sender), saying the following:

“Dear fans!

We all have noticed the great interest provoked by the upcoming
performances of the newest band M+M’S, but we’ve been informed that
your expectations could be disappointed.

From two reliable sources, we have learned that Ms. Spears is going
to attend 2 of the 4 dates booked for the unknown band, as a
SPEACIAL GUEST exclusively, since she is the producer of M+M’S

We will try to find more detailed information.”

– I can confirm that this is UNTRUE. It’s truly sad that people have to spread lies to make them feel better about themselves. Grow up! Sleep easy my friends.

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