GRL Talks To BreatheHeavy, Releases

Girl group G.R.L., formed by Pussycat Dolls mastermind Robin Antin, is like biting into cotton candy wearing gold-studded leather Beats by Dre headphones. Sweet, yet ferocious. And loud! Their new music video for “Ugly Heart,” out today, is no different.

But before we get to that, scored an interview with the girls. We talked music, touring, working with Pitbull on “Wild Wild Love,” dream collaborations (Britney!) and what success means to them.

The girls answered questions individually. It went like this:

LaurenHow did ‘Ugly Heart’ come about? What’s the inspiration behind it?
“It’s about being physically beautiful but having an ugly heart. We all have come across someone like that, whether you were in a relationship with that person or if it’s just someone you met at a bar. Superficial, in love with themselves with nothing more to offer other than good looks. Booooring! They’ve gotta at least be able to make you smile and have a bit of a brain right?!”

What’s the concept for the music video?
“The concept is probably a little different to what you might expect, let’s just say we get our own back on that boy with the ugly heart and get ourselves in a little pickle with the police too! Not to mention some fun over the top fashion and a bit of choreography.”

PaulaWhat are your music plans this summer?
“We are releasing our first EP in July!! Lots of summer jams. Look out.”

Are you going on any vacations? (Reference)
“In GRL nation it’s always vacation!!! So we will be vacationing forever. This summer we are going to the UK and Australia.”

SimoneWhat was your experience working with Pitbull for his single “Wild Wild Love?”
“Pitbull has a very powerful aura. I always feel honored to be in his company, hoping some of his awesomeness will rub off on me. What I like most about him is his humility and warm, genuine spirit. After shooting the video, he gave us quite the tour of Miami. He pointed out the Charter School he built in his hometown. That really impressed and inspired me.”

What does wild wild love feel like in your experience?
“Wild Wild Love is like waking up in heaven every morning. It’s something to look forward to everyday. It’s that awkward moment when someone catches you smiling because you were thinking about something cute he or she did. There’s a tingle that you feel after you kiss. When I’m in Wild Wild Love, I feel vulnerable and safe at the same time. Most of all I feel lucky.”

NatashaWhat do you consider “success” in the music industry in 2014?
“‘Success’ in the music industry in 2014 is all about how much fun you get to have! There are so many musical acts trying to make it, but if you’re not having FUN, then what’s the point? We do this because we LOVE it and because we are together, we get to constantly remind each other of that and as an added bonus, have even more fun.”

Are there any tour plans?
“Right now, we have plans to travel this summer for the first time overseas as a group. We are super excited because we get to go to Lauren’s stomping grounds in the UK, where she’s been dying to take us for a while. Then, after that, we are visiting a few US states and down under to Australia!”

EmmalynWho are some of your dream collaborations?
“Britney, Rihanna, Pharrell, Iggy, Lana Del Rey, & Prince to name a few!”

How are your lives different now then they were 1 year ago?
“Well in the last year we had our song ‘Vacation’ in the Smurfs 2 soundtrack, a feature with Pitbull, performed at our first award show and so much more, so we’ve come a long way since a year ago! Right now we’re really excited for our single ‘Ugly Heart’ we’ve been waiting for this moment to come and are ready to go!”

G.R.L. collectively added:

“Thank you to all the fans who have helped us get to where we are now! Your support fuels our dreams. We love you!”

Their new music video for “Ugly Heart” premiered today. Buy the track on iTunes here.