Grimes compares Kesha’s situation to slavery.


Don’t-call-her-a-pop-star Grimes says Kesha’s contract dispute is the equivalent of modern day slavery.

Grimes is another influential female musician to lend her support to the #FreeKesha movement after an outpour of love from the likes of Lady Gaga, Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande and many more has taken the industry by storm. “You shouldn’t be allowed to sign a human being, regardless of what the allegations are or what anyone said or did,” Grimes tells TimeOut. “It’s basically like slavery. She should be allowed to record [with other people]. It’s a deeply ****** situation.”

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She was also asked who she felt was the best pop star of all time is. “Beyoncé,” she said, “because she’s the best performer and her music is really, really varied. The way her self-titled album got people to listen to a pop album as an entire record is a really difficult thing to do. It was as creative and as experimental as it was pop. I put Madonna up there too.”

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Grimes was recently compared to Madonna by a German magazine. “Yes. It’s weird as I’m not very good at dancing or singing, but it’s a compliment. I think it’s undeserved. Maybe I’m dissociated from who I am, but I just don’t seem very much like a pop star. My music’s still pretty alternative. I’m on an indie label.”

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