Grimes credits the ‘Beyoncé’ record for inspiring her: “I love how every song is so different.”


Grimes credits Beyonce, Outkast, Tool, Panda Bear and Yeah Yeah Yeahs for inspiration.

Grimes’ Art Angels album is an unconventional pop opus slathered in originality. It made countless Best Of 2015 lists because of songs like “California,” “Belly Of The Beat” and “Kill V. Maim,” the latter of which recently saw an unsuspecting underground visual showcasing her crazy brilliance. Her sound is her own, but she credits those mentioned above for helping shape her sound along the way.

Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) wrote about five albums that changed her life, including Beyonce’s 2013 self-titled album.

“When this album came out it was only available on iTunes, and I immediately downloaded the whole thing and listened to it front to back,” she penned for TIDAL. “Afterwards, I realized I hadn’t done that in almost 2 years, and I have gotten back into listening to albums since. I think it probably did that for a lot of people. It definitely revitalised the art of the album for me, and I am very grateful for that.”

She continues, “I love how every song is so different. Plus, every song just sounds sounds so, so GOOD. Its really hard to get songs with melodic vocals to bang this hard. I’ve almost crashed my car more than once jamming to this record. When I’m working on mixes and engineering I usually test my tracks next to this record because it just sounds so incredible.”

We’d love to see what Beyonce and Grimes could cook up together in the studio.

Grimes recently kicked off an international tour through Asia, Australia and Europe, before beginning a run of dates across North American with Florence + The Machine.

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