Grimes is turning her ‘Art Angels’ report card in.


Grimes is turning her Art Angels report card in.

With straight A’s, the indie-pop crusader feels its time to take a step back from starring in the music she creates. The “Flesh without Blood” singer recently dropped seven “guerrilla style” music videos filmed over the course of two weeks during the European leg of her tour to support her recent pop opus, but she’s debating whether to turn her attention on producing music instead versus crafting an Art Angels followup.

“Honestly, I don’t feel very confident in myself as a singer,” she tells V magazine. “As I get older, I’m probably going to try to be more involved in the behind-the-scenes work, and less involved in being the front person. I think where my pride in my work lies is in my production, editing, and directing. I’m not a trained musician; this is something that happened almost randomly. I’d rather be compared to my peers who are producers—I think that’s a world where I’m capable at achieving at a higher level.”


It’s rare for a female artist with critical acclaim to fly under the radar – for the Internet to virtually leave her untouched – and she’s thankful for it.

“I’m in a really privileged position because I’ve always worked by myself, and I feel like I haven’t faced a lot of hardships compared to the women I know,” says Boucher. “By the time people were like, oh my god, you’re a female producer! I already had two albums and I wasn’t even thinking about that. I think that the more stuff like GarageBand becomes democratized, the more we’re going to see minorities like women producing. The ability to self-teach is already greater than it was even five years ago.”

But before she escapes entirely, she promises at least one more project. A body of work unlike anything she’s ever put forth.

“I’m really vibing on making something really slow and gorgeous that just breathes, and has room to breathe,” she continues. “I feel like my work has always been fast paced, kinetic, and almost just manic and I feel like for me the hardest thing I can do is make something that’s slow and heavy. I’m so ADD in my work; I really want to push myself into something that would be slower and more reflective.”


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