Grimes relishes in cyborg-pop with “We Appreciate Power,” featuring frequent collaborator HANA.

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Grimes’ self-produced new song,” We Appreciate Power,” the first tantalizing taste of her untitled fifth studio album, is a banger. It details mankind’s unraveling existence to robots.

Clamoring twisted metal, harrowing screams and twinkly synths bend topsy turvy over Grimes and HANA’s explicit warnings of impending doom.

“People like to say that we’re insane / But AI will reward us when it reigns,” she sings. “We pledge allegiance to the world’s most powerful computer / Simulation: It’s the future.” She also repeatedly asks the user to “submit.” It’s rather hypnotizing.

In a statement, Grimes credits inspiration for the track to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un’s favorite band, North Korean pop group Moranbong Band. It’s “written from the perspective of a Pro-A.I. Girl Group Propaganda machine who use song, dance, *** and fashion to spread goodwill towards Artificial Intelligence (it’s coming whether you want it or not).”

The lyric video is pretty wild, too. In it, Grimes and HANA rock body-hugging latex suits, revolving under glowing lights and sport futuristic weapons and sabers.

“We Appreciate Power” is an unexpected gem; it’s unlike anything you’ve heard in recent years. I for one am ready for chill-pop to disintegrate, and if there’s anyone that can blast a genre to smithereens, it’s Grimes and her army of artificial intelligence. Listen below:

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