Grimes Graces The Cover Of Teen Vogue

March 10, 2016 By Jessica

The intriguing star sits down for a chat.


After a stellar 2015, Grimes’ star continues to rise. So what’s in store this year?

Art Angels was one of the most vivacious pop releases of 2015, setting singer Grimes ahead of the crowd and further establishing her as one of pop’s most interesting artists.

The 27-year-old spoke to Teen Vogue about a range of subjects, from Beyonce to working with Janelle Monae.

On reinventing herself:

“I did “kill” Grimes in my video “Flesh Without Blood.” But now I’m actually OK with Grimes again. I just went a little crazy for a minute. I guess she’s reemerged. It’s just a little weird for me because in real life I would say I’m quite bro-y. I mostly wear sweatpants.

Her musical and academic education:

“I never played music until probably my early 20s. Honestly, I think you can make any instrument sound good with minimal effort. You can’t be a great instrumentalist — that obviously takes work — but getting to a baseline level is pretty easy. I like hearing things that sound messy. I double majored in neuroscience and philosophy, and I was going for a double minor in electroacoustics and Russian language. But I didn’t graduate, so it’s not actually impressive at all.

On The Guardian saying she’s the most exciting pop artist right now:

As long as Beyoncé is alive, that statement is not true.


On working with Janelle Monae:

I am such a fan. I kept seeing her at festivals, and I couldn’t tell if she knew who I was or not or if I should say hi. I sent her a painting, and then she said we should work on a track. Then I had a panic attack.

On feminism:

The thrust of feminism is equal pay and ending domestic abuse. It’s really about human rights. Though I do think women in the public eye get constantly asked about feminism to the point where it ends up becoming a little bit reductive.