UPDATE: Grimes speaks out.


UPDATE: Grimes has briefly mentioned what happened:


Fans of Grimes are speculating the singer was physically threatened which forced the Art Angels singer to cut her set short.

We live in a day and age where pop singers like Christina Grimmie are murdered at gunpoint by psychopaths who’ve clearly lost grip on reality, an age when closeted self-loathing extremists mow down 100 people with weapons of war. It’s a scary time to put yourself out there, and singer Grimes is having some trouble of her own.

With only two songs left during her set at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Wednesday, Gimes stopped her set midway through “World Princess Part II” and explained to the audience she and her bandmates were dealing with something serious.

“We just had a really disturbing thing happen to us earlier today, so I’m sorry if my voice is shaking,” she told the crowd. “It’s just kind of a f—ed day.”

A concert-goer third row at the show tells BreatheHeavy “her voice cracked ([it] looked like she was struggling to actually sing the song) and she was like ‘****’ Then just ran off stage, then her dancers followed and all we heard from the mic feed was ‘sorry.’ Then nothing.”

Watch fan footage of that below:

Grimes, who has a history with anxiety and stage fright, once said “the truest version of me would never go in public or be on camera or walk on a stage.”

She hasn’t addressed the issue on her social media yet, but fans on Reddit have reason to believe it’s more than just performing jitters. They suspect she received a credible threat from someone.

Let’s hope the situation isn’t as serious as the rumors are perpetuating.

Sending Grimes good vibes.