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Up and coming singer Greer delivers a stone cold pop banger.

20-year-old pop singer Greer Wilson has released a brand new song titled “Satisfy”. The club-ready, mid-tempo track – which evokes pop grinders like Britney’s “Inside Out” and Nick Jonas’s “Close” – embodies his mission statement as an artist.

“I have been singing my whole life and started to write and record my own original music about five years ago. I’m drawn to pop stars who are provocative and do what they want to do. Whether it’s in their music, fashion, live performances or videos.”

Greer says his dream collaborators would be two of pop’s most outspoken, controversial figures; Madonna and Eminem. “Satisfy” is a confident, instantly catchy tune where the influence of such pop idols becomes evident. The song seeks to establish a clear sense of equality through honest, unfiltered expression.

“The way *** is portrayed in pop music is usually one-sided meaning one person is dominant and the other is an object for their pleasure. With [Satisfy], I wanted to create an atmosphere of “I’m here to make you happy”, but at the same time my partner is here to make me happy, too. It’s a two way street. The song is semi-autobiographical. While writing I related it to moments I have had in the past and moments I hope to have in the future.”

Check it out:

So what’s on the horizon for Greer? “Satisfy is the first new song I’m putting out this year. A music video will be following in the next month. I also have a song coming out this summer, which should be fun! I’m thinking [of releasing] an EP, rather than an album.”

“I’m interested to see who connects with my music and story.”

You can follow Greer’s promising pop career on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on his official Snapchat: NextLevelBadKid.

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