Hide ya kids.

20-year-old pop singer Greer Wilson released a mid-tempo new tune titled “School Night” featuring rapper CupcakKe.

“I liked the concept of going out on a school night, and what that means to you when you’re younger and how cool it is to stay out late when you have school the next day,” Greer tells BreatheHeavy.com of the track. “I took that idea and created a story that I am the bad kid in school showing the new kid a good time.”

“I’m gonna take you out on a school night / I’m gonna take you out on a wild ride,” he sings over a mellow EDM-inspired beat.

CupcaKke’s flow is a lot less teacher friendly.

“Where we going? What we doing? What time? What’s up? Yeah you ask me was I down / Was I down for what?,” she raps. “Yeah I’m down for a little naughty naughty naughty body but if you see my mama take your hands off my body / What we at tonight in the morning don’t mention / f–k it up so hard we gon’ need some detention/ f–k me in the rear window if you go buy me a rental / can be my number one but have me number two pencils.”


So how did the collaboration come about? Greer says he sent CupcakKe the track and “she thought [it] was dope.” He added: “I love how she’s my age, and she is 100% herself and isn’t afraid of what people think or say about her.”

Check it out below:

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