Welcome to the official Good Morning America post. Britney goes on around noon PST. This post will be updated as new updates occur.

Here’s a video of Brit’s dancers rehearsing. Some fans are worried they haven’t seen Britney rehearse yet!

UPDATE: Check out the huge crowd of people waiting for Brit’s performance!

UPDATE: Britney just Tweeted:


Getting ready to take the stage in beautiful San Francisco. – Britney

UPDATE: Live Stream!

UPDATE: Britney during the breakdown in Hold It Against Me.

UPDATE: Brit dancing to Big Fat Bass.

UPDATE: Till The World Ends

UPDATE: BFB video!


UPDATE: Tweeted fans after her show, saying:


PS – Even my dad had a great time! http://twitpic.com/4e1v3g -Britney

Leaving the Castro District. I wanted to see more but I could barely get out the car!!! I love you all SO much -Brit

Just wrapped GMA. I love love love you San Francisco! -Britney


UPDATE: Here she is leaving Castro:

UPDATE: Video of Britney being honored!

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