Britney’s performing today!
Britney’s performing today!
Britney’s performing today!

Seriously, wishing Britney good luck for her performance is my new ritual (example ONE & TWO). A ritual I don’t mind keeping!

Britney, who is currently in the UK, is a confirmed performer for today’s X-Factor television show in Britain.

Judge Simon Cowell confirmed to Extra back in September that Britney will be performing on the hit Brit music show saying:


“I’ve always said this about Britney — that she’s a hugely talented person. I’m really excited about it, because she’s got her act together now and the new record’s terrific,” Cowell revealed. “She’s come back from a very dark place and is a great artist. We’ve all seen pop princess Britney’s meltdown over the past few years, but she’s getting back to her best with new single Womanizer.”

“Everyone wants to work with her because she’s a star,” Cowell continued. “She’s the number one booking in the world at the moment for a show… The fact that she goes a bit crazy occasionally makes her more interesting. And now she has her career back on track — fantastic. I’m thrilled.”

Britney’s old backup dancer Brian Friedman, who choreographs for X-Factor, agrees, telling the Daily Mirror: “Britney is at the best she has ever been. She will perform Womanizer on the show and it will be the raunchiest performance X Factor has seen. She’s back on top of her game.”

Britney is reportedly scheduled to perform around 2:00 pm PST.

Click below for the first official on-air confirmation of Britney’s X-Factor performance.

Good luck Britney!!!

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