WARNING: Lots of exclamation points in this post cause…

Britney’s performing today!
Britney’s performing today!
Britney’s performing today!

Deja vu? Yes! And I love it!

If you haven’t heard, Britney is performing on Star Academy in France today! Britney’s performance is scheduled for around 12pm PST on Friday. Perform perform perform. I can’t say it enough; it never gets old!

On the show, Britney will reportedly have a small chat with contestants and answer a few questions from the show’s host before her performance. The show will begin with segment about Britney’s 10-year career, followed by her performance singing “Womanizer” which features her dancers and flashy pyrotechnics. The crew on the show have rigorously been rehearsing Britney’s entrance, as well as beefing up security for today’s show.

Click below to stream a promo for Britney’s Star Academy performance; she sounds so excited…

Good luck Britney!!!

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