Britney’s performing today!
Britney’s performing today!
Britney’s performing today!

In case you didn’t get the memo, Britney is performing at the Bambi Awards in Germany today! Above are a few snaps of the stage Britney will be performing on. I can’t say that enough! Perform perform perform.

Britney will reportedly win an award for Best International Popstar by the Hubert Burda Media Group, as well as her first real performance since 2007’s dreadful “Gimme More” VMA performance at the awards show.

Britney is receiving the coveted Bambi award in recognition from bouncing back from her lowest low in her career.

Event host Hubert Burda says, “Britney Spears is back. Radiant and better than ever, the erstwhile teenie idol has reclaimed her throne.” Another official adds, “Her stunning comeback from an absolute low point impressed all of us.”

I’m just a little excited for this. OK I MIGHT be jumping up and down in excitement over this. Check out a press conference from today announcing Britney’s award!

Good luck Britney!!!

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