Their colourful new video has got us missing the glory days of MTV.


Like many of us, Good Charlotte long for the iconic musical landscape of the early 2000s.

After a nearly 5 year hiatus, Good Charlotte announced last March their plans to reunite and release a new album. They have since released the first single from their upcoming album Youth Authority and booked tour dates across the US.

The video for the album’s second single, “40 oz. Dream” was released today, and it is a nostalgic love letter to a simpler time in music. With the help of a colouring book, the pop-punk band reflect on how much things have changed since they first came on the scene almost 2 decades ago. They fondly remember watching Easy-E, Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre on MTV, lament the rise of selfies and ponder why no one plays real instruments anymore.

The Josh Madden-directed video (brother to members Joel and Benji) is brimming with the band’s signature humour and pop culture references. Guitarist Benji Madden revealed to Rolling Stone: “It’s got all the sarcasm and humor we’ve always loved, and lots of affection for the past and present. As a band that formed in 1996, it’s a fun moment to be welcomed back so warmly. We’re very happy to have found our place in 2016.”

Watch the band’s tongue-in-cheek new video below:

Are you excited about the return of Good Charlotte?