Whispers: ‘do you guys wanna have a slumber party?’


Whispers: ‘do you guys wanna have a slumber party?’

No, Britney Spears did not take the stage with Tinashe at the American Music Awards to perform their newly-released “Slumber Party” remix, but there’s still something glorious to revel in.

Remix artist Nick* produced a dreamy synth-tastic transformation of “Slumber Party,” which includes never-before-heard bits from Britney’s initial recording session, but maintains the song’s infectious island flair.

“I originally planned to do a 90s house mix and came up with a piano riff that worked really well, but that ended up morphing into the Country Club Martini Crew remix,” Nick* tells BreatheHeavy, referring to this remix. “I got to thinking about the vibe the original has and what I liked about it – that smooth, sensual flow. I found some new purpose for my riff with this futuristic sound and started building off that and the beat from MJ’s Stranger In Moscow. (Really, when doesn’t an MJ easter egg show up in my remixes? Haha.) And building off the first mix, I scaled it back a little and focused on straight piano chords for that late night feel. Once the Tinashe vocals came in, I processed her stuff and dropped her in and smoothed it all out.”

He adds: “This song is a gift that keeps on giving.”

If you’re not a fan of the newly-revised version that features Tinashe, Nick* crafted a version sans the “SuperLove” singer as well.

Listen to both below:

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