Cause new Britney’s on a mission.

It appears Britney Spears has new music in the works!

There are so many rumors floating around about Britney right now, but one thing’s for sure: she launched a new fragrance titled Sunset Fantasy. OH, AND BRITNEY IS WORKING ON B10. I feel emotional right now.

We don’t know very much about what the pop princess has planned for 2018 besides one confirmed Piece Of Me show in Denmark in August. There’s speculation she’ll embark on a European tour this summer. Read more about that here. And perhaps that trek will be supported by new music(!!!).

Songwriter Justin Tranter, who’s cooked up some massive hits over the years, and co-wrote much of Glory, was asked by a BuzzFeed reporter at the Golden Globes when we could expect to hear new Britney.

“Just wait,” he said.

See what Exhale is saying about it.

Sure, that’s kind of a non-answer if you choose to think negatively. But it’s a new year, and I’d prefer to read into that. While we don’t know when to expect to get new Britney music, “just wait” is confirmation that *something* is in the works, and that crumb of information will tie us over. At least for now.

The Queen is coming! Are YOU ready?

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