Glee actor Matthew Morrison plans on shaving his head for the episode to make light of Britney’s dark past.

“The recreating of Brit shaving her head is going to be epic!” says a source to

“Britney Spears is the most important singer of the last 10 years, so we’ll do an episode about her music and her public image,” says Glee creator Ryan Murphy. “Most of the cast of Glee began to sing and dance because of it. The focus of the episode will show the talent of Heather Morris, who plays Brittany.”

I think this is offensive and should NOT be done. Why must Britney’s personal life bleed into her career? Just stick to the music and leave the mocking for the haters!


Speaking of… Ryan Murphy sure loves talking to the press about the upcoming Britney episode!

Although Glee actress Cohen Chang confirmed Britney would not appear in the episode, Murphy says he wants Britney in the episode and will talk to her later this week, adding she wants to do it!

“I just started directing it today at 5 [a.m.], which is why I look like hell,” Murphy said during the TCA Press Tour on Monday, according to Zap2it. “She is arguably the most important female [musician] other than Lady Gaga in the last 10 years, so we’re sort of doing an episode not only of her music but also her public image.”

“This was Britney’s own idea,” continues Murphy. “I think she loves the program by paying a tribute to pop culture in a friendly, respectful and kind.”

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