It’s cool, I’m patient…

It’s been several days without any news to update fellow Britney fans with. In fact, this marks the longest news drought in BreatheHeavy’s history. Amazing… I travel to Italy earlier this year for my birthday and managed to juggle 30+ updates, but when I’m home sitting on my *** watching re-runs of Hollywood Exes the Olympics this weekend, there’s nothing to post!

It’s alright though, because I remember back in 07 when I couldn’t run to Starbucks without rushing back to update, so in retrospect this is a nice change. But I’m having withdrawals, dammit!

So while I have your attention, let me take this opportunity to invite you to register in Exhale, the biggest Britney forum on the net, with 32,000 members and millions of posts. There’s tons of new features since 2.0 launched, including a tricked out BH shop where you can buy features to close other member’s topics, change their username, buy a Grammy that displays in your profile and more. You can instant message each other, join a group discussion in the chat and connect with thousands of fans in the Britney Spears News section.

This is also a great opportunity to tell I’ve begun dreaming up the next BreatheHeavy layout. This next layout’s going to blow your frapp out of the water, so keep an eye out for it come September, but this time around I’d love to incorporate you loyal readers’ suggestions. What would YOU like to see for the next look? Leave a comment in this thread about features, photos, styles etc. you’d like to see on the next layout. Think innovation, inspiration, awesome, epic, legendary. Just like our girl.

Pray the Britney News Gods bless us with some news. See ya at the next post!

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