Cause y’all vicious mother f—ers!


Cause y’all vicious mother f—ers!

NYC-based DJ/Producer Ryan Skyy crafted “It Do Take Nerve” for designer Marco Marco’s LA and NY fashion shows last year, and it went viral after being featured in a clip of Dexter Mayfield, the first plus-size male model ever, strutting down the catwalk in all his jiggly glory. That scene generated 48 million views and set in motion a legitimate visual to brand the anthemic house song to.

The music video, which premieres exclusively on today, features vocals by voguing MC Jack Mizrahi and is directed by Edgar Dela Torre. The vid pays homage to late ’80s and early ’90s nostalgia and voguing street culture. Dela Torre re-created 80s/90s visual effects for the video and mimics mistakes from old school analog machines.

The video features Mayfield and Javier Ninja from the House of Ninja (considered to be the top voguer in the world), alongside voguers Mercury Xtravaganza, Carlos Irizarry, Eric Sanchez and transgender model Eden the Doll.

Shot throughout parts of LA and Venice Beach, “Nerve” features central themes of applauding courage, standing up and not being afraid, being unbothered, having that intestinal fortitude, loving yourself, closing the closet door behind you and never letting anyone put you back in.

“‘Never’ applaudes courage, standing up and being counted, doing your thing, and closing the closet door behind you,” Skyy tells BreatheHeavy. “I want people to leave feeling inspired to take up the full space of their humanity. What makes you unique? There’s no such thing as “larger than life”. Life is meant to be large!”

Skyy recalls becoming overwhelmed from the positive feedback after the catwalk video which featured his song inspired people to be themselves.

“It just went crazy,” he said. “I started getting messages from people all over the world telling me that my Marco score was giving them confidence to be themselves and that they were walking down the streets of NY and London and other cities strutting like it was a runway and begging for a copy so they could choreograph and work out and perform to it. I never thought that that night of helping out a friend would end up becoming a collaboration could inspire so many people, but here we are.”

Watch above.

Dexter Mayfield is my new spirit animal.