K-Pop saves the day.

K-Pop saves the day.

Fifth Harmony and Little Mix know a thing or two about the girl group thing, but why does everything always gotta be overtly sexual? Leave it to South Korean’s Girls’ Generation to show us how to have a little fun.

They are celebrating their 10-year anniversary today with a new album titled Holiday Night (stream below), along with two visuals for it. The songs that got the video treatment are “Holiday” and “All Night,” and they’re guilty pop pleasures.

The girls don’t take themselves too seriously in “Holiday.” They wear mini skirts and throw confetti and dance. A lot. It’s like a pop music roller coaster ride that you won’t want to get off.

Same goes for “All Night” (the documentary version). The ladies get together for a ‘70s disco-inspired dance party. Interview clips of the ladies are spliced in throughout.



“All Night”:

Holiday Night:

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