You can’t listen to Moroder and Sia’s song right here right now, but soon!

Giorgio Moroder's Song With Sia Out Friday

In case you forgot, Giorgio Moroder has a new song with Sia and it might debut on Friday.

Above is the official cover art for the track titled “Deja Vu.”

Who knows what’s going on with Britney Spears’ song with the disco legend (apparently she’s covering Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner), but we do have a little info about the Sia-assisted track. Mark your calendars, because their track together makes its premiere this Friday (April 17).

“With Sia, I just gave her the tracks,” Moroder told Rolling Stone in February, “which had a certain melody on it, and two-to-three weeks later she sent me the tapes with background vocals, mixed, and it’s not bad actually. It’s partially my melody, partially hers. It’s really fantastic.”

The “74 Is The New 24” hitmaker previously released his collaboration with Kylie Minogue, which also got the music video treatment.

“To go in with a singer and tell the singer how to sing, that’s always stress,” he continues. “Some people are so talented, it’s really difficult to tell them, ‘Do it this way.’ When I was working with David Bowie, who am I to tell him how to sing right? With a singer and composer like Sia, you don’t have to worry.”

Are you ready to hear Moroder’s new song with Britney Sia?