Giorgio Moroder Readies Next Single… Britney’s “Tom’s Diner”?

August 11, 2015 By Jordan Miller

I am sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner.

Giorgio Moroder plans “Déjà Vu” singles for September and December.

The legendary producer is awfully busy these days! When he’s not crafting a musical based off of disco music, playing gigs around the world, producing one-off records for other artists (like Lady Gaga or Kylie Minogue), he’s preparing his next single following his releases with Minogue on “Right Here, Right Now” or Sia on the album title track. In fact, Moroder has quite a few collaborations to choose from, including ones with Charli XCX, Mikky Ekko, Matthew Koma or Kelis, but none hold a candle to his feature with the legendary Britney Spears. The princess of pop lands on “Tom’s Diner,” a re-make of Suzanne Vega’s classic ’80s hit – and according to the disco dude himself, it’s one of his favorite collaborations ever.

During a recent interview, Moroder said he plans on releasing two singles this year – one in September, the other in December – but claims he hasn’t a clue which ones they’ll be yet. One thing’s for sure, “Tom’s Diner” is an instant hit amongst the Britney Army and the general population, something Britney’s recent “Pretty Girls” collaboration with Iggy Azalea wasn’t.

“Britney asked if I was interested in producing her with the [Suzanne Vega] song ‘Tom’s Diner,'” Moroder said earlier this summer of the song. “I started to record the chords because, on an a cappella song, you can have whatever chords you want. When I was happy with the tracks, I sent it to her. I was shocked by how big she is worldwide. When the song was leaked, she was trending for almost a day. I knew she was big, but I did not know that she was that big.

“Pretty Girls” wasn’t our favorite song to date and look forward to Britney’s next musical release to wash our mouth out of the bad taste it left, and “Tom’s Diner” looks awfully tasty! Will we finally get the much-anticipated release in September?