Giorgio Moroder is making your dreams come true, maybe.

As we know, Britney has recorded the bulk of her song – an undisclosed cover that Giorgio considers “a new song” – for the producer’s new album “74 is the New 24,” but has still to complete the future multi-platinum disco-pop anthem due to her busy schedule with Vegas and preparing for the US Synchronized Swimming team.

So when the “I Feel Love” producer told popjustice that if Miss B can’t finish the song he’ll have no other choice but to remove the song from his album(!) they saw it as the perfect opportunity to suggest an alternative: get Lady Gaga to sing the bridge.

Then, as though the planets are in alignment, Giorgio revealed he’s already working with Mother Monster for her “ARTPOP” follow-up, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering she has a thing for music’s most famous pensioners.

Although their sessions are intended for her new album, Moroder seems pretty adamant to get Gaga on his album and she has made no secret of her love for Britney and desire to collaborate in the past.

Whilst Giorgio remains hopeful that Britney will get the job done, perhaps this could be the big moment fate has been waiting for.

Besides Gaga writing for B a few years ago, the pair have always shared the love and sparked rumours of collaborating (let’s not forget the frenzy they caused last year with their “Freak Like Me” tweets) so Giorgio may well be the middle man we’ve always needed to make it happen.

At the risk of not hearing the song at all, we’re all for Gaga jumping on the track.

Do you think Giorgio can talk Gaga into it?