Giorgio Moroder & Kylie Mingoue's "Right Here, Right Now" Music Video

Things get real “Scream & Shout” illuminati in the clip for “Right Here, Right Now.”

80-something-year-old producer Giorgio Moroder makes a quick cameo DJing in his new music video for “Right Here, Right Now,” leaving the spotlight to Kylie Minogue who soaks it up in between her disco whaling in an array of simplistic cuts, triangles and kaleidoscopic visuals.

Kylie Minogue rocks a little black dress throughout the video, and she looks great, however… nothing screams disco to me. Maybe if disco were a thing in 2015 this is what people might wear when they’re raging, but I half-expected to see a few bell bottoms and roller skates. I guess triangles and mirrors will have to do instead.

Watch Giorgio Moroder & Kylie Mingoue’s “Right Here, Right Now” music video:

When’s Britney’s song out though?