“Gimme More” Moving On Up

September 27, 2007 By Jordan Miller

Fans want more!

gimme more itunes

statistics as of 9:45 am Pacific:

update: “Gimme More” has moved up from #8 as of last night to #3 as of this morning, and this afternoon it has jumped up one spot to #2 on iTunes (for the U.S.)!!!!!!!! GO BUY IT NOW, and remember it makes a great GIFT! It is also #1 on top selling ring tones on iTunes!

updated: Check out the latest stats of “Gimme More” on iTunes around the world:
Australia, 1
Canada, 1
Bangladesh, 1
Siberia, 1
New Zealand, 2
France, 2
Sweden, 4
Norway, 9
Italy, 14
Belgium, 22
Denmark, 28
Luxembourg, 29
Finland, 31
Holland, 72

The song has also climbed to number 17 on Media Base (radio spins)

As well as moving up to #38 on Billboard’s Pop 100, and #68 on the overall chart.

On top of that, “Gimme More” is number (drum roll please) 1 on Yahoo Music!!!

And please let me remind you ladies and gents that this is WITHOUT promotion. Keep requesting, keep streaming, keep buying, keep listening. She’s back, *******.