Brooke says her new song is about transformations.


Bout to light up something heavy.

Having a bad day? Brooke Candy’s new song “Happy Days” is just what the doctor ordered. Candy admitted in past interviews she loves to play up themes of good and evil, and her latest Sia-produced tune is a prime example of it. The clamoring beat and luminous vocals stress the song’s theme about transformation. “Whether that be emotional, physical, spiritual, relational -transformations and change are what define life,” Brooke says in a statement. “We’re all looking for different ways to achieve ‘happy days’ or some sense of fulfillment or satisfaction and this song addresses that struggle. I’ve always been into exploring different variations of myself and style. In recent past I’ve found myself undergoing endless transformations through emotional states of being and it is reflected through changing vocal styles and aesthetic approaches…I am exploring sounds that are bit more polished and digestible.”

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