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Get Swept Away To Christina Aguilera’s New Visual For “Twice”

Christina Aguilera’s new ballad “Twice” now has a visual that’s as serene as its melodies


Christina Aguilera’s new song “Twice” now has a visual that’s as serene as its melodies.

Xtina shared a heartfelt ballad today (May 11) titled “Twice.” It’s a soul-baring slow song about dealing with a dissolved love/life’s harsh realities, and the pop star asks a multitude of questions in the hopes to resolve unsettled feelings. ?


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X felt the love from her fans, so she quickly put together an otherworldly video for it.

“Felt inspired by the themes of duality and inner struggle in #Twice,” she said. “So my team and I threw together some personal visuals to set a tone behind the feel of the music as a kind of backdrop for now…. Enjoy.”


The visual is close-up shots of Christina submerged in water inter-spliced with scenes of nature. If you’re feeling all sorts of stress from the week, give this a play. Allow Dr. X to prescribe you something for those mismanaged emotions.


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