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Get Lost In Space With D∆WN In Second Cosmic “Not Above That” Visual

Dawn Richard a.k.a. D∆WN premieres a space-themed immersive virtual reality music video for “Not Above That.”


UPDATE: D∆WN is taking fans on another journey through time and space with a second celestial video for her latest release “Not Above That.” It features humanoid D∆WN singing with her band, chill, then cuts to ridiculously stellar shots of the pop star executing a synchronized dance routine in the distant past while drenched in space dust.

“We are revamping the idea of the visual with the Red Era,” Richard said in a post on Instagram. “We are spending the time to give the viewer multiple experiences for each record. Just because you’re indie doesn’t mean you can’t succeed in your art.”

Watch this below then scroll down the page to revisit the virtual reality version:


Dawn Richard a.k.a. D∆WN premieres a space-themed immersive virtual reality music video for “Not Above That.”

If you’re a fan of Star Trek, innovation and music, D∆WN’s bizarre galactic spectacle is just for you. In the new clip, Richard appears as a space-skinned floating head uncontrollably jolting from left to right as she and a fleet of hologram dancers wiz through a 3D worm hole. The panorama views take the viewer on a wild ride through space, encountering an exploding star to an intrusive space ship to floating meteors, and it’s all part of Richard’s gravity-defying plan to become a trendsetter.

“Instead of just shooting people in 360, we wanted to make you feel presence in another dimension,” Richard tells Wired. “Instead of a VR piece that’s just images, we want to add storytelling to that platform.”

“As an entrepreneur I’ve always had a vision to expand music belong the linear frame.” Dawn said in a post on her Instagram. “With this release, we’ve done just that. This VR experience not only transports you to a CGI world but also includes spatial sound that will elevate your visual and auditory senses. Indie just took huge strides. And we are proud to be among the first to do it.”


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