Britney fans are arranging a quiet, formal and polite request to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to get Britney on. OK that’s a big fat lie; let’s try this again. Many Britney fans have emailed in with an intensity and a passion to get their beloved idol on Ellen’s talk show – and I’m diggin the enthusiasm! **** Diane Sawyer!

Britney has appeared on Ellen twice in the last several years (once during her “In The Zone” promotional tour in 2004 and again with Kevin during her first pregnancy). I like this idea! I’d rather Britney talk and focus on the now and future, rather than the past. You want to know what the **** happened these last few years? Read BreatheHeavy’s news archives.

“But Jordan, what can we do? We don’t have a voice!” WRONG. Remember Billboard gate? Send a friendly request to Ellen’s SUGGESTION FORM.

Remember, we are not 5 years old. You are allotted 3 exclamation points and 2 words in all capitals MAX. Oops, just used one of mine. Anyone that says “OMG I LOVE BRITNEY” in their suggestion will be made fun of and have their request thrown out (that’s not their rule, just puttin it out there.)

Plus, Ellen dances to “Gimme More” like, once a week. Who wouldn’t want to go on her show?!

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