Get A Mirror, Buddy. Dolce & Gabbana Co-Founder Calls Selena Gomez “So Ugly”

June 13, 2018 By Jordan Miller

The audacity!


The audacity!



Dolce & Gabbana fashion house cofounder, Stefano Gabbana, decided to be an a–hole on the Internet. Rare, I know.

The 55-year-old commented on a post of Selena Gomez asking fans to choose between one of her many red-hot looks. Though he since deleted his comment, Gabbana wrote, “É proprio brutta!!!,” which translates from Italian to English as, “She’s so ugly!!!”



Selena is one of the most followed people on social media, so obviously Gabbana was swarmed with threats from her very vocal fanbase. Me included.

How unnecessary and rude.




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