The “Budapest” singer says once he can sit down and think, he’ll make new music.

George Ezra's Success Is A Roadblock to Recording New Music

George Ezra’s seen mainstream success in the states since 2014’s “Budapest.”

So much so that he hasn’t had a moment to get away and focus on recording new material for a followup to his last studio album, Wanted On Voyage.

“I’ve got to. I’ve got to try,” Ezra tells BreatheHeavy at the iHeartRadio music festival Saturday (Sep. 19) in Las Vegas. “I think I just need a second away from ‘Wanted On Voyage.’ It’s strange, because you dedicate two years worth of your time and energy to one album. It’s just 12 songs, but it will come. Once I sit down and try it. That’s what I’m gonna dedicate this coming year to.”

Ezra adds his life hasn’t changed much since “Budapest,” except for more people at his shows.

“I make a habit of trying to keep a journal wherever I go, and there’s nothing interesting in it. I couldn’t publish it. No one would want to read it,” he laughs. “When I read back over it, it kind of opens pockets of memories that I can use. What I normally do is… say each tour I keep a journal, and then I leave it three or four months,” he says. “I forget completely what I’ve written. So when I come back to read it, it’s as if someone has given me all of those words. It’s good.”

He says one memory in particular he’d like to write about is his set on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury earlier this year.

“Everything does blur into one,” he adds. “Things that stand out you have to sit down and think about.”