Gamb-Lynn On Britney Kid Name

April 22, 2005 By Jordan Miller

With Apple, Coco and Phinnaeus recently taken, the future moniker for Britney Spears’ offspring is the hot topic with celebrity watchers.
The already famous fetus is fascinating bookies, fans and celebrity-magazine editors as they wait for the latest unique offering. Unfortunately for the gossips, the consensus is shockingly normal: Lynn.

The name of the tattooed temptress’ mom is top of the list with gamblers on the off-shore betting Web site Bodog – currently offering odds of 2-1.
Baby-naming expert Sue Moss agrees.

“Lynn is definitely up there,” said Moss, creator of, a site that helps 30,000 members choose kids’ names. “She’s so close to her mother that I would expect that to feature – maybe she’d use it as a middle name.”

The more common tag is the way to go, agreed Joe Borgenicht, author of “What Not to Name Your Baby.”

“She’s got to think about how the name’s going to fit in with the rest of the family,” he said. “Britney, Kevin and Asparagus doesn’t work. Britney, Kevin and Steve does.

“That’s exactly the way she should be thinking. I can almost guarantee that is not the way she is thinking.”

British bookmakers have princely names William and Harry as favorites if Britney Jr. is a boy.

And Linda Murray of – a Web site for expectant parents – says the songstress may go down the David Beckham and Posh Spice route: Their son Brooklyn is named after the place he was conceived.

“Vegas is a definite possibility,” she said. “But she may choose a Hebrew name, as she’s into kabbalah. Maybe Miriam, which means rebellious. I also think she might combine her name with her husband’s and come up with Keviney or Kittney.”