Gaga Makes Announcement On Britney’s Day

July 29, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Gaga Makes Announcement On Britney's Day

When Britney Spears steps out of the house all dolled up, every celeb must stop in their tracks, bow their head, and remain offline until further notice. Exactly what Lady Gaga did NOT do on Sunday, and the Britney Army suspects she made an “Art Pop” announcement to steal the spotlight back. Seriously? Seriously.

She Tweeted:

Oh no she di’n’t!

Here’s a full list of Gaga’s fuckery over the years trying to outshine Brit Brit.

– Gaga released her gagavision covers the same say as the “Till The World Ends” music video
– Release of “Judas” was brought forward to April 15, 2011 the same day as “Till The World Ends” dance video was released
– Released a collage of her past music videos same day as “I Wanna Go” video
– Released the video for ‘The Edge of Glory’ the opening night of Femme Fatale Tour
– Released the artwork for “Marry The Night” the day “Criminal” video was released
– Released the video for “Marry The “Night” on Britney’s birthday
– Monster Ball DVD released same day with Femme Fatale Tour DVD
– Announced her album release date on “Ooh La La” music video debut
– Announced first single and cover on same day as Smurfs 2 movie premiere

We’re on to your tricks! I can’t at this post.