Coming for that girl group throne.

G.R.L. is coming for the girl group throne.

The band called it quits when Simone Battle tragically took her own life in 2014, but after a lengthy hiatus away from the industry… they announced a comeback.

Two of the original members, Lauren Bennett and Natasha Slayton, reformed the group with new member Jazzy Mejia and burst back onto the scene with a self-loving anthem song titled “Kiss Myself,” and they’re back with one another. The latest is a Hook N Sling-produced banger titled “Are We Good,” boasting cocky lyrics and distressing sirens.

“Did your mama not teach you no class? Ain’t nobody got time for that,” they sing. “Now talkin’ to all your friends. Are we good or should I come again?”

The music video for the bop is a little campy, but if you’ve ever seen the Spice Girls “Wannabe” video, you’ll know some of the best vids are.

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